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Senin, 25 April 2011

How to Make Dog Collars and Leashes

If you want to custom make your own dog collar and leash to give your pet that "personalized" look, but hate dressing your pet up, then making your own dog collars and leashes can be the perfect way to give you pooch that perfect --- but not prissy --- accessory. You can easily construct a collar and leash to match every outfit, up to and including your own.

How to Adjust Dog Collars

Adjusting your dogs collar the correct way is very beneficial to your dogs well being. Placing the collar on your dogs neck and adjusting the collar correctly will help to control your dogs behavior and movement. Adjusting your dogs collar correctly will ensure your dogs safety and well being while your dog is wearing the collar.

How to Make Beaded Dog Collars

One of the popular collar designs for dogs is the beaded collar look. Many of these collars are quite expensive, and they can also be hard to find. It is fairly easy to make your own beaded dog collar. All it takes is a few supplies and about 1 week to complete the bead work. This project saves money for the owner and also makes a great gift for the any kind of dog lover. Just make sure what size the dog is before starting the project.